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The UK’s Activision Blizzard Decision is Tomorrow, And Signs Point to It Going in Xbox’s Favor

Microsoft is preparing to potentially overcome a significant hurdle in its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Regulators working to reduce anti-competitive practices in the UK previously launched an investigation into the $69 billion deal and released preliminary findings in February. We were concerned about many aspects of the deal, including a potential dominance of the cloud gaming market, a potential Xbox exclusivity for Call of Duty, and reduced competition from PlayStation.

But last month, the CMA issued a statement saying one of its major concerns had been addressed, ruling that it would ultimately cost the company if Xbox made Call of Duty exclusive. Several days, many report It suggests that the CMA is likely to approve the deal when it makes its ruling tomorrow.

Notably, the New York Post said the deal had recently made “amazing progress” in both the UK and the EU, thanks to Microsoft’s promise to give both Sony and Nintendo long-term access to Call of Duty. Says.

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