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The Witcher Spinoff Studio Hit With Layoffs Due to Game’s Restructuring

Developer The Molasses Flood has been laid off after resuming development on a new The Witcher multiplayer spin-off game.

“because [Project Sirius] The composition of the team, mainly on The Molasses Flood side, has changed accordingly,” said a spokesperson for CD Projekt Red. Statement provided to Kotaku. “The specific number of employees we let go is 21 US team members and 8 Polish team members (working on projects outside the US).”

Last week, CD Projekt Red announced that Project Sirius has a “new framework” after resuming development. Prior to that, there were concerns that CD Projekt Red had canceled the project altogether after filing for a write-off of its assets, but the company has clarified that it will continue with the game.

Adam Kishinski, president and co-CEO of CD Project Red, explained that the reason for the reorganization was to prevent the studio from “continuing unfair projects.” [CDPR] does not match “

Project Sirius was a difficult development, but it’s not the only witcher game currently in development. Last October, two of his other witcher games were announced, including Project Sirius and Project Polaris, which is said to be “the next installment in The Witcher series.” He also plans to release two games and create a new trilogy of his own.

Additionally, CDPR announced that it is working with Fool’s Theory to remake the original Witcher game using Unreal Engine 5.

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