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The Xbox Adaptive Controller Was Almost Canceled Before Teams Across Microsoft Rebelled

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller barely made it into production, but a team across the company apparently stepped in to make sure the project received funding.

in an interview with The BargeMicrosoft’s Vice President of Windows and Devices Robin Seiler revealed that the Xbox Adaptive Controller was once “on the cut list” and at risk of losing money. Controller originally started as an employee-led effort to improve accessibility options, and saw its first iterations at a company hackathon.

According to Seiler, employees from the Xbox and Surface teams saved the project, leading to collaboration between global divisions determined to “make it happen.”

Seiler said that when faced with budget issues, the team argued: This is not about revenue or brand positioning. Being able to play games on demand is important to people. “

A Microsoft employee explained the change in company culture after the launch of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, prioritizing inclusivity. That message is consistent, coming out last month at the Tokyo Game Show when Xbox boss Phil Spencer and her corporate vice president Sarah Bond stressed the importance of removing barriers between players. I was. Bond highlighted her Xbox Adaptive Controller, and Spencer said he’d love to see everyone play together “regardless of your abilities.”

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