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Thermalright Reveals AMD AM5 2-in-1 Secure Frame and Thermal Paste Guard

Cooling specialists Thermalright have announced a new accessory for early adopters of the AMD Ryzen 7000 platform.We are pitching the new AMD AM5 Secure Frame For PC DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists looking to optimize their CPU sockets. The design certainly has its own AMD Raphael charm, as it’s precision crafted with a notched design that prevents thermal grease from seeping through the CPU crevices.

CPU frame accessories are favored by Intel PC DIY enthusiasts in 2022 due to how the LGA1700 socket and processors (Alder Lake, Raptor Lake) are designed.Products such as thermal grizzly contact frames, or in fact some products thermal light designwhich is said to reduce Alder Lake CPU temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Celsius by preventing the CPU Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) from flexing and flexing.

As far as we know, the AMD AM5 platform does not require this type of support frame. AMD’s new CPUs feature very thick IHS, but they have other drawbacks as well.

(Image credit: Thermalright)

Thermalright doesn’t explain why socket AM5 users are drawn to the new black or red AM5 secure frame. Released the product without fanfare (or press release), the product page is very spartan and there are just a few tech specs. and The notch serves a very similar function to his Noctua paste guard on the Ryzen 7000, as long as the design is precise enough, but with a stiffer and more premium design.

The AM5 Secure Frame is made from an aluminum alloy block with a black or red finish. It measures 75 x 56 x 7.5mm and weighs 45g. Thermalright ships with 2g of TF7 thermal grease and his L-shaped driver for installation. A 6-year warranty is offered, but pricing and availability are not currently available. For reference, Thermalright’s latest Intel LGA1700-BCF CPU ‘Bending Corrector Aluminum Frame’ $14.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)Therefore, it is likely that the price will be similar.

(Image credit: Thermalright)

Thermalright does not offer any benefits from using the new AM5 secure frame. This is an interesting new marketing strategy. Hopefully soon we’ll see independent third-party reviews and research on its quality.

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