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This 8TB Inland PCIe Gen 4 SSD Is 27% Off, Still $1,100

If you’ve wasted your money, Inland’s Performance Plus M.2 SSD promises to offer both massive capacities (8TB) and incredible PCIe 4.0 speeds (7000/5800MB/s sequential read and write). increase. It also has a Bonkers endurance rating of 6000TBW.

Unfortunately, it’s 27% off $1,500. for $1,100 Love I’ll use one of these in my next build (no reason not to have two). But it feels just like the RTX 4080. somewhat Unless your financial worries are zero and you really crave the bragging rights of a big boot drive, it’s hard to argue. 4TB drive prices plummetwho actually has 8 TB of data? have How to get the fastest storage possible?

Let me put it another way.equally fast 4TB WD Black SN850X $374 (opens in new tab) Or the price of $0.094 per GB.of 2 TB drives are priced at $169 (opens in new tab), or just $0.085 per GB. So this 8 TB monster at $0.137 per GB is a hefty premium. The problem is packing enough NAND to reach 8 TB in an M.2 form factor.

Are you going to download your entire Steam library and turn off the internet forever? Might be so Worth $1,100. If most games (and my work) don’t require an active (or at least occasional) internet connection.

By the time you’ve sorted out all the games you can play on your private, internet-free island with a large, fast boot drive, an 8TB Inland PCIe Gen 4 SSD will become even more affordable. Now, who would want to sell me a private island (preferably off the north coast of Scotland) and an RTX 4090 for a good price? I dream of a big, fast boot drive.

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