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This PCB Solders Itself, Then Others

Even the best soldering iron may not be able to solder at a fast pace. So what if the board itself is soldered?this is the goal Carl Bugejaand you can solder this PCB itself before soldering other boards!

Bugeja’s approach is illustrated using a pizza analogy. The PCB is the fabric, the solder paste is the source, and the topping is the circuitry. Throw all this in the oven and your —t—a—s—t—y—p—i—z—z—a— PCB is ready.

For those unfamiliar with surface mount electronics, a large stencil is placed on top of the prefabricated PCB. Next, a layer of solder paste (think toothpaste, not typical solder) is applied through the stencil. A pick-and-place machine is then used to drop the components into the solder paste, and the entire board is placed in his reflow oven, where the components are baked into place. If you need to create thousands of boards, this is the way to go.

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