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This Year’s Best April Fool’s PC Hardware Hoaxes: Retro, Razer Razors, and Bladeless PC Fans

Who doesn’t like April Fool’s Day? It’s the day every year when your inner prankster tells friends and family a harmless joke. It’s also the day every year when PC hardware vendors can unleash their creativity and launch silly products with zero repercussions.

Over the years, we’ve seen some unique and fun inventions from hardware brands. Sometimes the announcement is clearly a hoax, but other announcements are so well done that you might think they’re real. Here’s a small roundup of the hardware announcements.

NZXT’s first GPU?

(Image credit: NZXT)

NZXT is well known for their PC cases or CPU liquid coolers.So I know something strange was happening when NZXT murmured (opens in new tab) This looked like the AI-generated rendering of the graphics card the company originally claimed. It’s a shame it was a joke because after EVGA’s exit, consumers could use another competitor in the graphics card market.

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