‘Titanique’ Review: A Musical Finds Its Sea Legs

“Titanic” was very correct. After all, it earns about hundreds of millions of dollars, solidifies Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as stars, creates catchphrases and iconic poses, and most importantly, romance isn’t dead for us. Reminded me.

Still, some fans still think that’s not enough. After all, the movie contained only one Celine Dion song, and I had to wait more than three hours to hear it. Obviously, this structural flaw needed to be fixed.

come in “Titanium” A musical expression of James Cameron’s blockbuster, with co-authors Thai Blue (also director), Mara Mindell, and Konstantin Rusli raising Celine O’Meter all the way up. Not only did they add a bunch of her songs to the story, but they also added the Canadian superstar himself. As Mindell (Broadway’s “Sister Act” and “Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella”) played, she is now a narrator who keeps going in and out of action.

The premise is that Dion was on a fateful cruise liner in 1912 and is still around to explain what happened — of course, the signal “I’m alive.” The singer mixes with the passengers, and by mixing, she shamelessly tries to cover them up and sneaks into one of her hits on every occasion.As James Corden said in his epic “Car pool karaoke” with Dion: “You really have a moment-to-moment song.” (Music director Nicholas Connell arranged and orchestrated.)

For example, unlike Bob Maxmis and Tobley Maxsmith’s spoofing (“I really love you? Unauthorized musical parody”, “Show Girls! Musical!”), “Titanium” doesn’t have the original sheet music. I feel it’s close to the “cruel intent: the music experience of the 90’s” (an update of the “dangerous relationship” in itself), which added many tracks to the movie adaptation from its decade. Rusori, who played Sebastian Valmont, who planned a plot in the 2017 production, Here again distinguish yourself as a lover Jack. He describes him straight from “Newsies” as a stunning, round-eyed, naive one. This is a very interesting performance that is a few centimeters away from the caricature but never completely spills.

“Titanique” is performed at the underground Asylum NYC, the former home of the Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Group, a spot suitable for a show with some improvisation. However, it takes some time to find the legs of the sea.The first scene is desperate, but strangely sluggish, it looks like Mindell is leaning hard throughout the night. Goofball humor, unique body language, seemingly random context That’s why Dion’s interviews are so popular on YouTube.

But in the end, “Titanique” becomes absurd, and when the actors try to beat each other, “Titanique” is born. Contrast it with one of Michael Kinnan’s “Titanic” phrases. “Never Let Go”: If the work captures the emotions that run through both the movie and the sensation of watching it, it doubles “Titanic” and Dion as icons for modern camps. And when it comes to camp, Ryan Duncan, who plays the role of Rose’s mother’s drug, is reminiscent of Everett Quinton, the best of his ridiculous theater companies. Young pop culture demons could find Frankie Grande (yes, Ariana’s half-brother) as Jack’s companions Luigi and Victor Garber (who played the ship’s maker Thomas Andrews in the movie). Is high.

Grande’s role as an actor and his character in “Titanic” is typical of a strategy that shatters the fourth wall of the show, which is almost an overall strategy. The production spun more crazy than ever, becoming a finale that included its damn iceberg (Jaye Alexander), lip-sync contest, “River Deep, Mountain High” and clubped to a satisfying submission. It may be better to admit.

Until September 25th at Asylum NYC in Manhattan. titaniquemusical.com.. Execution time: 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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