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Toe Jam and Earl Movie Adaptation is Hollywood’s Deepest Video Game Pull Yet

There’s another video game-to-movie adaptation in the works, this time with funky spaceflight duo ToeJam & Earl getting the star treatment.

according to hollywood reporter, 90s retro action series ToeJam & Earl, will make its film debut in a project by Amazon Studios, Story Kitchen, and NBA star Stephen Curry’s Unanimous Media. As for the script, Hotel Transylvania 4 writers Amos Vernon and Nunzio have contributed to the script.

Unanimous Media’s Curry and Erick Peyton will produce the ToeJam & Earl film alongside Sonic the Hedgehog’s Dan Jevons and Dmitri M. Johnson. In addition to the film’s early talent, The Hollywood Reporter also shared a synopsis for his ToeJam & Earl movie.

“According to their legends, Earth is the paradise from which the music that gave rise to their culture was born. Unfortunately for our heroes, they not only destroy ships, but Earth is…well, I realized it wasn’t the heaven they were expecting… But the music – that part was true. Their quest to find more begins.

From a quick synopsis, at least, it seems like there are bits and pieces out there that fans might remember from the roguelike – but creator Greg Johnson’s pair of aliens share the series’ hyper-stylized art. You’ll have to wait to see if the movie’s funky beats.

For now, details about how Amazon and its partners bring ToeJam and Earl to life are slim. I didn’t even go,’ commented on another ToeJam & Earl animated show.

Landman’s animated series from the creators of ToeJam and Earl may not have earned that score, but “sweet streaming money,” They sound a little hopeful about the future. follow up tweetLandman added, “If the film succeeds, we may be able to produce the animated show that @ToejamGreg and I aired a few years ago.”

Hollywood can’t seem to stop queuing up video game adaptations these days. joins other franchises of Television is also on the rise, with series like The Last of Us debuting soon, and possibly a Mass Effect show.

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