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Transformers: Hasbro Reveals Legacy Evolution Titan Class Nemesis Figure

2023 is an important year for the Transformers franchise. And it’s not just because Transformers: Rise of the Beast is hitting theaters. There are also many new figures to look forward to this year. This includes a truly large-scale rendition of the Decepticon villain Nemesis.

Nemesis is the newest addition to the Transformers Legacy Evolution line, which focuses on characters that are popular with fans of all generations of the franchise. IGN is pleased to exclusively debut a new series of promo photos of this giant figure. Check them out in the slideshow gallery below.

This Nemesis figure promises to be one of the biggest Transformers toys this side of the mighty Unicron figure. Nemesis measures approximately 23.5 inches tall in robot mode. The figure can transform into a Decepticon ship, but 36 or more steps are required to achieve that transformation.

Nemesis includes numerous accessories, including a ship tower, 5 blaster pieces, and a set of 4 seeker microfigures. Wings can also be split into blaster and ax weapons.

The Legacy Evolution Titan Class Nemesis figure is priced at $199.99 and will hit stores in Fall 2023. Hasbro Pulse website.

Game developer SpaceApe also gave fans a first look at Decepticon Nemesis, who will join the Transformers: Earth Wars roster later this summer. For more information, please visit the following URL:

Previously, IGN got an early look at a new series of figures based on the Rise of the Beast movies.

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