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Tron Identity Is a Detective Game Set Thousands of Years After Tron: Legacy

Following today’s announcement of a new Tron game, Tron Identity, Bithell Games head Mike Bithell and Disney producer Heidy Vargas shared some thoughts on what to expect from the game, including its genre and setting. I have shared the details. This is a detective game set a few years after Tron: Legacy.

In an exclusive interview with IGN, Bissell said that Identity is set in the distant future and that the other Tron story characters are legends who have shaped the history of Identity’s setting, loved and hated for their contributions. I explained that

It takes place on a secondary grid created by Flynn for the ISO to live in after he promised to return, but as we know he didn’t. We’ll see how society and culture have evolved since then through the eyes of a detective named Queri, who has been assigned to solve the mysteries surrounding it.

We also looked at several other characters, including Proxy, a program that began living outside the established hierarchy. She is a rebel who arrives at the scene of the theft to see if she can profit from the ensuing events.

According to Bithell, Identity is a “hybrid” gameplay, featuring puzzles interspersed with conversational elements similar to visual novels. The story focuses on the nature of identity discs, using them as devices for detectives to uncover the mysteries at the heart of conspiracies.

According to Bithell and Vargus, expect more “soon.” In the meantime, Tron Identity was just one of his many Disney games announced or shown off at today’s Disney and Marvel Games Showcase. You can see a complete roundup of everything we saw here.

Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. you can find her on her twitter @duck valentine.

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