TRON ousts Solana from top 10 rankings

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During the reporting period, cryptocurrency market capitalization fell 3.8% from $828.16 to record a net outflow of $31.56 billion to $796.6 billion.

Bitcoin market cap fell 4% from $322 billion to $308.8 billion. Ethereum’s market cap fell 8% from $149.1 billion to $137.1 billion.

All of the top 10 cryptocurrencies were sold during the reporting period, with Dogecoin and XRP posting the biggest losses at 7.7% and 7% respectively. TRON, on the other hand, had the best performance, losing 0.6% in the last 24 hours and pushing Solana out of the top 10.

top 10 cryptocurrencies

During the reporting period, the market caps of Tether (USDT) and BinanceUSD (BUSD) remained flat at $65.9 billion and $22.9 billion respectively. Meanwhile, the market cap of USD Coin (USDC) increased by 0.9% from $44.09 billion to $44.4 billion.


Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has fallen 2.7%, trading at $16,088 as of ET 07:00. Its market dominance rose slightly from 38.5% to 38.8% during the reporting period.

Major cryptocurrencies were trading flat until Sunday night’s collapse turned into an outflow that bottomed out at $15,900. Market sentiment remains fragile due to fears of contagion affecting digital currency group and its subsidiaries Grayscale and Genesis.

bitcoin chart


ETH is down 4% over the last 24 hours, trading at $1,124 as of 07:00 ET. Its market dominance declined from 17.8% to 17.3% during the reporting period.

Ethereum mirrored bitcoin price action. Found a local bottom at $1,105 just before 06:00 today.

ethereum chart

top 5 price increases


SRM was the biggest one-day gainer, growing 24.5% to $0.27561Serum received a fork to distance itself from the FTX debacle.Its market capitalization was $72.55 One million.

Bitcoin standard hashrate token

BTCST rose 10.8% to $ during the reporting period7.16520BTC mining liquidity protocol is up 20.4% over the past week.Its market capitalization was $87.43 One million.


XEM increased by 5.8% to $ in the last 24 hours0.03456 Press time now.Its market capitalization was $311.02 One million.


SYS increased 3.3% to $0.12009 over the reporting period.Its market capitalization was $80.58 One million.


STORJ traded at $, up 3% over the last 24 hours0.33668 Press time now. Storage protocols grew 14% over the last seven days.Its market capitalization was $139.03 One million.

top 5 losers


YFII is the biggest loser of the day, dropping 49.7% to $ in the last 24 hours.1,861.16 Press time now. No new underlying developments have been revealed, but On-chain analysis It shows selling pressure due to whales letting go of their holdings.Its market capitalization was $71.83 One million.


CHZ fell 15.6% to $0.19285 on press. Since the beginning of this month, the token has experienced extreme volatility in both directions. Its market capitalization was $1.18 a billion.

polymer network

POLY recorded a 12.6% loss during the reporting period and traded in $.0.19852 Press time now.Its market capitalization was $183.63 One million.


ALGO fell 12.2% to $0.24691 Press time now. The token is down 19.8% over the past month.of Algorand Foundation We recently confirmed that we have zero affiliation with FTX. It is unclear why ALGO continues to sell.Its market capitalization was $1.76 a billion.

iExec RLC

RLC fell 8.8% to $ during the reporting period1.05678 Press time now. Despite today’s drawdown, the token is up 32.8% over the past week.Its market capitalization was $85.6 One million.

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