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TSMC Might Bring 3nm Production to U.S.

As part of its expansion, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. may bring production of chips with its cutting-edge N3 (3nm class) manufacturing technology to Camp, Arizona, according to a Reuters report. The company has already built a fab shell at its site and will install suitable production relatively quickly if it deems there is enough demand for N3 in the US.

“Given the strong customer demand for TSMC’s advanced technology, we will consider adding capacity at a second fab in Arizona based on operational efficiency and cost economic considerations,” TSMC said in a statement. said. Reuters.

wall street journalciting “sources with further information on the subject,” TSMC said N3, N3E, N3P, N3S, and N3X.

(Image credit: TSMC)

When TSMC establishes a new site for a fab, it will purchase enough land to build multiple phases of this fab, sharing common fab utilities such as gas storage and water purifiers. This is the case at the Arizona Camp of the Fab Factory, which can house up to six fab buildings (phases) and currently houses one completed fab that will begin operations in 2024.

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