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TSMC Might Cut 3nm Prices to Lure AMD, Nvidia

TSMC’s N3 (3nm class) family manufacturing process offers many advantages in terms of performance and power, but the very high cost of the foundry’s initial N3 nodes has hindered widespread adoption. Unsurprisingly, the company is rumored to be preparing to lower its 3nm production estimates in order to spur interest from chip designers. my driver.

TSMC’s published N3 quotes and prices at the moment should be considered rumors, but TSMC’s manufacturing cost on the N3E process could be lower than it was on the first N3. It remains to be seen how much the company will charge for production on other N3 class nodes such as N3P, N3S and N3X. Lowering the price of 3nm production could attract more customers to these nodes, but this won’t happen overnight.

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