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Turbo Overkill is a Giblet-Gushing Cyberpunk Shooter That Feels Unstoppable at 500+ FPS

Nothing beats rushing to rip and tear through hordes of grotesque enemies at speeds that would likely commit a traffic violation in the real world. A fast-paced first-person shooter, his game genre was mostly popular during his 1990s, once dominated by games like DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein, and Duke Nukem 3D. However, as PC hardware and monitors steadily improved, and were thus able to handle much higher frame rates, this particular kind of shooter, known today as a “Boomer Shooter”, was replaced by Dusk, Post, and others. It is steadily reviving with a tribute to. void. And now, his cyberpunk-inspired turbo overkill takes cues from the aforementioned classics and combines it all with the new sensibilities introduced in games like DOOM Eternal and Wolfenstein 2: The New to create a boomer shooter looks like the next big leap in madness. Colossus. But thanks to a stunning low-res graphics style that can run at incredibly high frame rates, Turbo Overkill can spit out frame rates in excess of 500 fps if you have the hardware to support it. I tried it myself with PAX.

Turbo Overkill’s premise is fairly basic, but perfectly useful for a retro-inspired shooter. You are a cyborg named Johnny Turbo, his agent and a mercenary dispatched to the neon-tinted city of Paradise to mass-kill other cyborgs. That said, the only story cinematics present in Turbo Overkill include a few short first-person cutscenes that carry out stylized carnage. This is different from Doom Slayer. This shooter is all about unfiltered action, so that’s all Turbo Overkill needs to communicate. Guts, guts, and all.

Turbo Overkill is full of extremely punchy and often clever weapons, including dual magnums that can target lock up to three enemies. And did you know that a shooter’s quality is often measured by shotgun power? Turbo Overkill clearly knows what they’re doing here. Needless to say, the shotgun doubles as a grenade launcher that can be charged with the right mouse button. Many of these weapons are already available to Turbo Overkill players during Early Access. At least we got to play with the powerful new Plasma Gun added as a very familiar weapon. That said, as a new player entering the PAX preview, I was instantly enamored with the game’s arsenal, and it’s great news that developer Apogee Entertainment has promised more weapons in the past on Twitter. I’m also a huge fan of time-slowing weapon selection menus like DOOM 2016 and DOOM Eternal, which fit seamlessly into this interface as well.

I playtested Turbo Overkill on a modern PC. This PC consistently ran the game at blazingly fast 550-580 frames per second. Booted in 21:9 ultrawide resolution.

All of Turbo Overkill’s graphics are presented in a low-res style that looks almost voxel-like, which is very reminiscent of Valheim. This allows for potentially infinite framerates on a variety of hardware, especially modern PCs like the one I playtested Turbo Overkill on his PAX. This PC was consistently running the game at an astounding 550-580 frames per second (21:9 ultrawide resolution). start up. Either way, it’s conveyed by an excellent cyberpunk-themed art style that makes the world feel both doomed and lived-in at the same time, turning tiny residential boats lining the waterways and miraculous skyscrapers dotting the horizon into giants. It’s complemented by a jumbotron-esque hologram. Paradise, a society hanging on the last thread, often felt like Cyberpunk 2077’s more macabre version of Night City.

Cyborg enemies are varied and challenging, and often have specific ways to handle each enemy type. You can: Use your chainsaw leg to quickly zoom across the battlefield and crush your enemies. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to save shotgun rounds for heavier foes while strafing left and right. recommend to. This is because they have very little health. This creates a lot of challenge in some of the more hectic combat encounters where the screen is flooded with enemies… of all types.

Episode 2 will also include an all-new campaign that will complete Turbo Overkill’s 1.0 release, but as a new player, it’s hard to say exactly what’s improved over its predecessor. , filled with a fun balance of shooting, puzzle, and platforming, and there’s no reason to expect anything more when it’s fully released from Early Access in the near future.

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