Twitter influencer Hodlonaut drums up support ahead of Craig Wright trial

influencer Magnus GranatAlso known as @hodlonaut, took to Twitter to rally support for his upcoming legal battle with Craig Wright. The trial took place in Granert’s home country of Norway on September 12th, and said:statementFiled against Wright.

A second trial will take place in the UK in respect of the defamation lawsuit filed against Granath. Wright’s legal team, his ONTIER LLP, said this will take place in late 2023.

Litigation in the UK is very expensive. My opponent’s last hope is that I cannot proceed and win by default.

Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto

Wright claims to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. However, various individuals, including Granath, have disputed this claim. March 2019, granat Posted a tweet to this effect based on what he called “a matter of public interest.”

Granas said Wright issued “Strategic Actions Against Public Participation” (SLAPPs).according to Business and Human Rights Resource CenterSLAPP may be used to silence individuals/entities that raise concerns about a particular practice. Includes civil litigation.

but, granat He vowed to stand up for himself on the issue, even though it cost him $2.4 million to fight “countless hours” of his time. he said: confidence Winning.

Granert is calling on the Bitcoin community to “fundraise to support litigation costs and freedom.”donation is Website operated jointly with the OpenSats Legal Defense Fund.

UK court rules Wright £1 in case against Peter McCormack

Another challenger to Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto is Peter McCormack, host of the What Bitcoin Has Done podcast.

On August 1, the English High Court announced the outcome of the defamation lawsuit filed by Wright against McCormack. Judge Chamberlain ruled in Wright’s favor, agreeing that Wright suffered reputational damage because of McCormack’s tweets and one of his YouTube broadcasts.

However, because Wright had tampered with evidence during the trial, Judge Chamberlain awarded him just £1 in damages. In this case, the judge did not rule that Light was Satoshi Nakamoto.

“But he knowingly filed a false lawsuit and knowingly filed a lawsuit, He only recovers if he has false evidence up until a few days before the trial nominal damage”

In his comments, McCormack thanked the judge for his legal team and the ruling.

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