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Ubisoft, Bungie, and Others Working on Stadia Game Save Transfers

Ubisoft, Bungie and others are working to allow players to transfer their Google Stadia saves.

After Google Stadia’s unexpected shutdown, developers across the industry are trying to help players by allowing game saves to be transferred to other platforms.

“Even though Stadia will be shutting down on January 18, 2023, we are happy to announce that we are working to bring games you own on Stadia to PC through Ubisoft Connect,” said Ubisoft. “Specific details and implications for his Ubisoft + subscribers will be announced at a later date.”

Google Stadia unexpectedly announced yesterday that it will be shutting down on January 18, 2023. In addition, Google will refund all hardware and game purchases made through the Service.

Google said: “We will refund all Stadia hardware purchased through the Google Store and all game and add-on content purchased through the Stadia Store.”

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Destiny 2 developer Bungie said: “Once we have a plan of action, we will announce and send you information about your Destiny 2 Stadia account.”

Hitman developer IO Interactive is also working on a solution for players.

“To all HITMAN fans on Google Stadia,” they said. “We’re listening to you. We’re looking at ways to continue the HITMAN experience on other platforms.”

While the developer’s quick response to this unexpected issue is certainly commendable, it may require additional development time to implement a solution. Whether or not this will affect future updates or DLC remains to be seen.

Still, it’s a nice response that might help Stadia players save hours of playing time in their favorite games.

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