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Ubisoft Shares Very Early Look at Splinter Cell Remake

Splinter Cell fans got an unexpected glimpse of the game’s upcoming remake today.

As part of Splinter Cell’s 20th anniversary celebrations, some new concept art has been released by Ubisoft. Sam his fisher is shown in action with his familiar multi-vision goggles. Not to mention the intense questioning.

Creative director Chris Auty has admitted that the Splinter Cell remake is still in the “very early stages” of production, and it still sounds like a long way off.

But by the time we get here, it looks like the original contains some improvements.

“Twenty years later, we can look back at the game’s plot, characters, and overall story. [and] “Make some improvements — especially ones that may not have aged well,” said creative director Chris Auty. remains.”

The game may still be a long way off, but Ubisoft also explained how some of these improvements will work, including upgrading the game’s AI.

“Obviously, Special Forces soldiers are better trained,” said technical director Christian Carriere. “They break in and enter rooms differently than normal security guards.”

Senior Game Designer Andy Schmoll said: “All of this allows for better cat-and-mouse gameplay between Sam and enemies, especially with enemies acting like trained professionals.”

Splinter Cell included several groundbreaking systems when it was released in 2002, including the use of the trademark Stealth Meter (or Light Meter) for sneaking through shadows.

The remake will feature improved atmospheric lighting with ray-traced global illumination and improved audio simulations, “creating a really, really, really engaging and detailed setting.”

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