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Ubuntu 22.10 Arrives For Beta Testing

Ubuntu, Canonical’s popular Linux distribution, is entering beta with its latest release, 22.10, ahead of its October release. In Ubuntu 22.10 the Gnome 43 desktop is integrated into the free operating system and the default desktop wallpaper image is very nice.thanks to OMG! Ubuntu (opens in new tab) To bring to our attention some of the information below.

Gnome 43 subtly changes the look of the OS, but it’s still the Ubuntu we know and love. The stunning new “Kinetic Kudu” (antelope) image on your desktop is in the familiar Ubuntu branding colors, and your favorites dock hangs to the left unless you move it. The stable version is scheduled to be released on October 20th, and the beta version is intended for bug testing prior to the release candidate just before the final release. Users of 18.04 ‘Bionic Beaver’ in 2018 may be of particular interest as the OS reaches end of support next April.

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