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Unannounced Lenovo Android Gaming Prototypes Sold in China

A prototype of Lenovo’s handheld game console called Legion Play appears to have been sold in China without authorization. Lilliputting When YouTuber Taki UdonThe latter bought one and posted a YouTube video with some pretty in-depth hands-on.

Taki udon wrote it He purchased the model for “about $160,” and said in a video that he received an email covered in bubble wrap after showing the images. The price may be much lower than the original price.

Luckily, a large sticker on the back of Udon’s device lists some of the specs, suggesting the device was codenamed “Zelda.” Liliputing pointed out Lenovo’s website for Mobile World Congress 2021 hid references to the Legion Play suggesting a 7-inch, 16:9 display, HDR10, dual speakers, vibration and a 7,000 mAh battery. Udon’s model in blue appears to meet these specifications. Udon’s video shows that the system comes with 64 GB of storage.

At Aida64, Udon found Legion running a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor (the same chip from Logitech G Cloud) and 4GB of RAM. It appears to run Android 11, which is another similarity with G Cloud. The main difference is that this prototype supports display output via USB Type-C, while G Cloud does not.

Some of the UI looks like standard Android, but it has been customized quite heavily and seems to be influenced by the Nintendo Switch’s minimalistic UI. There is also an application from Tencent that is very similar to Logitech G Cloud. See the full video for some game demos including emulation.

Udon wanted better rubber on the D-Pad and a taller A/B/X/Y button, but he seemed to really like the physical device.

It’s unclear why Lenovo didn’t release the Legion Play. As both Udon and Liliputing point out, the prototype appears to be for 2021, with Valve’s Steam deck announced if the company were ready to launch at that year’s Mobile World Congress. It would have been before (that x86-based console is July 2021). Since then, Logitech has announced the G Cloud, and at CES Razer has announced the Razer Edge. Both of these devices run on Android and are cloud-focused for gaming on Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now.

As for how a batch of these Lenovo prototypes sold in China, we may not know. I know the weird part of

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