‘Unfinished Business’ Review: Skimming the Surface of Women’s Basketball

This documentary on women’s professional basketball continues to oscillate between two themes: the WNBA and one of its founding teams, the New York Liberty. Each theme is so big that it could easily fill up an entire series. The title refers both to the league’s constant battle for recognition since its inception in 1996 and to Liberty’s (so far) futile quest for the title. But “unfinished business” also refers to this sprinkling of films from director Alison Kleiman (The Brink, Jagged).

The biggest asset here, just like in the WNBA, is the strong women’s roster. Most of the Talking Heads are effortlessly charismatic, notably Liberty’s early front guard Teresa Weatherspoon and 2021 rookie Didi Richards. The first anchor reminisces about the 1990s, while the second anchor is part of efforts to recover from a terrible 2-20 season in 2020 (Liberty governor and co-owner Clara Wu Tsai is one of the documentary’s executive producers).

Aside from the exciting elements of the classic game, the film is hampered by its elusiveness and little drama. For example, Kleiman could have explored the rivalry between the Liberty and the Houston Comets more effectively. And while there’s been plenty of talk about the obstacles women face in professional sports, including sexism and homophobia, Isaiah Thomas, who was accused of sexual harassment while working for the Knicks, is the controversial Isaiah Thomas. was appointed president of the Liberty team. 2015.

It’s hard to blame “Unfinished Business” for its emphasis on empowerment and sisterhood, but these women deserve more recognition. they can accept it.

unfinished business
Unrated. Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes.available in theaters Amazon prime video.

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