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Unseen Half-Life Concept Art Released – Including a Spin-Off That Never Came Out

Many Half-Life projects have never come to fruition, from Half-Life 2: Episode 3 to spin-offs that never made it to development. At least we know what they look like, thanks to some new concept art.

2K developer and Half-Life fan David McGreavy (via) Kotaku) has released a selection of never-before-seen images from the highly anticipated Half-Life 2: Episode 3. Review some previously released plot points.

McGreavy never worked on Half-Life 2, but became an avid collector and found himself in possession of concept art that gave us a glimpse into an unpublished chapter of Half-Life 2.

Back in April, McGreavy Made fun of never-before-seen artwork When he started cataloging the Valve collection, a former Valve employee added new ones in an attempt to reduce the size of the collection. The most immediately interesting part is the slug-like creature in the top left.

It’s “Breen Grub”. Fans, as the name suggests, are large, slug-like creatures. The villain of Half-Life 2, Dr. Wallace Breen, appeared throughout Half-Life 2 and was seen falling to his death after Gordon Freeman destroyed the reactor at the top of the Citadel. rice field. During episodes 1 and 2, he only appears in flashbacks. looks like It’s not the kind of host body he might have preferred.

Once human, Dr. Breen intended to transfer his consciousness to a slug-like creature on the Combine’s orders. know? Well, this gorgeous (but pretty gross) concept his art confirms a plot revealed by former Half-Life 2 writer Marc Laidlaw before he left the company in 2016.

As Laidlaw reveals, the conspiracy would have seen the heroes Alyx and Gordon move to Borealis, an Aperture Science ship in a constant state of flux, existing in stages. Having set up a base around it, the Combine meanwhile transferred Breen’s mind to the aforementioned slug-like creature… and asks Alix and Gordon to kill him.

Laidlaw claims his version of events is “0% official” after leaving the company, but it’s still a fascinating glimpse into what happened.

Additionally, McGreavy has released more concept art scans for Half-Life 2: Episode 3. This includes post-apocalyptic vistas and debris-covered coastlines.

However, the two concept art showing Alyx Vance and her robot companion, Dog, are not from Episode 3. Instead, McGreavy says: Kotaku These were part of an attempted spin-off that would have been completely separate from both Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and the unreleased Half-Life 3.

For now, we can only speculate what that spin-off might have been.

Half-Life 2 is a landmark moment in game development, and IGN’s review stated: Additional episodes, a third cliffhanger. However, it took Valve until 2020 to explain why Episode 3 wasn’t made.

Since then, we’ve got the incredible VR-exclusive game Half-Life: Alyx, but we’re still waiting for the official Half-Life 3. Multiple versions of the game have been abandoned, but it could be closer than ever โ€“ Valve’s developer series says it wants to continue making more games.

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