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UPerfect Launches UStation Delta Folding Portable Monitor

Laptop docking and display specialist UPerfect has launched a new portable monitor that uses twin 15.6 inch FHD displays. (opens in new tab) Clamshell form factor (h/t Lilliputin). According to the company, his UStation Delta solution is perfect for extending the desktop work area of ​​a laptop or computer, and the built-in adjustable stand and his VESA mounting options support such use cases. increase.

Portable monitors are great for people on the go. Bigger is better to the limit, but folding displays like the UPerfect UStation Delta are a good compromise between extra portable screen real estate and physical portability. Twin 15.6-inch hinged IPS technology displays each offer 1920 x 1080 pixels and can be added to your setup. The “portability price” is its size of 358 x 221 x 22 mm (14.09 x 8.7 x 0.87 inches) and its hefty weight of 1.55 kg (3.42 lb). We speculate that one factor in this physical presence is the built-in 10,800 mAh battery, which is claimed to provide 3-4 hours of runtime. According to the manufacturer, the battery also takes about 3-4 hours to charge.

(Image credit: UPerfect)
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UPerfect UStation Delta

Screen size

dual 15.6 inch


1920×1080 (×2)

Panel type

IPS, wide viewing angle


up to 300 nits



color gamut

100% sRGB


60Hz, response time unknown


2 x USB Type-C for audio and video input, 2 x USB Type-C for power input, 2 x mini HDMI for audio and video input. All cables are included in the box.


10,800 mAh battery lasts 3-4 hours


358 × 221 × 22 mm (14.09 × 8.7 × 0.87 in), 1.55 kg (3.42 lb), aluminum

There are some uncertainties about the above specs gleaned from the product page. UPerfect says the monitor he delivers 100% sRGB at 300 nits, while Liliputing says these numbers he’s 72% sRGB at 250 nits. Also note that the UStation Delta is not a touchscreen device and does not have built-in speakers, a common feature of portable monitors.

(Image credit: UPerfect)

UPerfect lets you pre-order the UStation Delta for as high as $629 with worldwide shipping. The company said it expects the order to be completed in late June. The product page currently shares a $200 discount code, but I’d like to wait for an independent third-party review before recommending spending your hard-earned cash.

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