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Valorant’s Current Battlepass Includes ‘Corbin’s Light’ Gun Buddy to Honor a Fan Who Died of Cancer

Valorant’s Episode 5: Act III Battle Pass includes a gun companion called “Corbin’s Light” that honors a fan named Corbin, who recently passed away after a battle with cancer.

The Valorant team shared news and Corbyn’s story blog What’s new in the latest season of Valorant. The words reveal that Gun Buddy itself was inspired by design notes from Corbin and his older brother, which contain the coordinates of a star named after Corbin by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. .

In honor of Corbyn, Riot Games will also make a donation to the C-Squad Foundation through the Riot Games Social Impact Fund.

To add Corbin’s Light to your collection, earn 23,000 XP in Valorant’s latest free Battle Pass. This equates to about 30 tiers in the paid Battle Pass.

upon Instagram of C-Squad Foundation, The people behind the page mentioned the article game revolution It includes a quote from Catalina Faerman, Associate Integration Artist at Riot Games, to elaborate on the piece.

“Corbin’s Light has a deep personal meaning to me. It was created for one of my players who died while battling cancer,” Fuhrman said. “The Make-A-Wish Foundation named the star after Corbin, so creating his star-inspired Gun Buddy and additional design notes from his brother made him In some ways it was incredibly easy to design, it’s been a lifelong dream to work for Corbin and Riot and what finally got me here is League of Legends It was a Star Guardian fan art.

“I mean, Corbin’s gun buddy felt like it should have been. In other ways, it was an underwhelming job. I wanted to make something, and thankfully, I had the help of a great concept artist: Krystal chose blue, Corbin’s favorite color, and added a coordinating make-a-wish star with an engraving on the frame. rice field.

“I haven’t been on the VALORANT team for a long time, so I can’t express how honored the team was to entrust me with this task and support me. Above all, thank you to Corbyn and the players for their inspiration.” I am very proud of Corbin’s Wright and will always carry this experience with me.”

Somewhere in the world of Valorant, there’s a giveback bundle! From November 16th to 30th. During that time, “50% of the proceeds from weapon skins and 100% of accessories from the Give Back // 2022 bundle will be donated to Riot Games’ Social Impact Fund in partnership with ImpactAssets.”

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