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Vampire Survivors 1.1 Patch Includes New Character, Stage, And More

Indie hit Vampire Survivors is updated with new characters and stages.

After exiting Early Access with the recent 1.0 update, Vampire Survivors brings even more monster-themed mayhem with the 1.1 “Tiny” update.

A new patch was released today, adding a new stage, Tiny Bridge. In this stage, your favorite survivors are fighting for survival on the bridge. “Bloodthirsty, he finds two factions fighting on a bridge and our heroes caught in a dilemma.

The stages are much narrower than the normal Vampire Survivor stages, so watch out for choke points.

Vampire Survivors also adds a new secret character called Scorej-Oni. An ancient creature that sounds like it’s based on a Japanese demon, you get a hidden lightning his ring every eight levels.

There’s also a new seal power-up that allows players to banish items from level-up choices and pick up from light choices, perhaps focusing your build on the items you really need. You’ll have to dive in to find out what is.

Patch 1.1 also includes minor fixes like pause menu improvements, loading times, and more.

Vampire Survivors recently added a flower farting dog as part of an ongoing update following the game’s viral success. It was the most-played game on Steam Deck in August and held that title for the following month. Vampire Survivors is now also available on Xbox Game Pass.

IGN’s review of Vampire Survivors was 7/10, stating: “

Want to know more about Vampire Survivor? Check out the content added before Vampire Survivors exited Early Access and his trailer for the game’s official Xbox launch.

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