Vitalik jokes led to 2 new memecoins that surged over 300%


A new meme coin, DIE, was created after Vitalik Buterin joked about a cryptocurrency with such a name and got a shirt with that name.

DIE token is During trading Win $0.000341 on decentralized exchange Pancakeswap after surging over 300% in the last 24 hours. Token trading volume is $730,000 in his 740 trades.

The co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) joked in an exchange about starting a podcast in German. I pointed out that the correct way to write “THE” is “DIE”.

Buterin jokingly asked if he would create a cryptocurrency with such a name and wear a T-shirt with the inscription on it.he Added:

โ€œActually, now that I think about it, calling a cryptocurrency $DIE is even weirder in Chinese.โ€

The newly minted token is already up 8.9% on CoinGecko, trading at $0.00000193.of official page Die Protocol said on Twitter that it was “formed on behalf of Vitalik Buterin” and is available on Uniswap and Hotbit.

This isn’t the first time Vitalik has joked about the protocol, as the project emerged and gained a few minutes of fame.

โ€œSomeone needs to create a project called ‘THE Protocol’ so that their pretenders can say ‘Hey, I mentioned THE! Whenever someone says something,” he said. murmured October 14th.

THE protocol came out soon after and over 24 meme coins with that name were created.According to the dune analysis datathe token has reached 900% trading activity within two days of its launch and has been traded over 11,000 times within the last 24 hours.

Interest in the memecoin has also led to increased Uniswap (UNI) activity, reaching nearly 30,000 users for the first time since March. Daily transactions also approached 200,000, the highest since July 2021.

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