Vitalik wants to burn the staked Ethereum of sanction complying validators

A recent Twitter poll on Ethereum censorship found: Vitalik Buterin He revealed that he voted to punish validators who comply with censorship demands by burning staked tokens.

Ethereum co-founder defends censorship-resistant approach

Voting was done by software engineers Eric Wallasked the Ethereum community if they would follow censorship demands or burn staked tokens of validators who “tolerate censorship” and do nothing.

The majority of voters — 62% including Buterin — chose the former. Meanwhile, 9% voted to allow censorship and 29% clicked to view the results. As of press time, there are still a few hours left before voting closes.

Wall’s poll was a response to a tweet from Lefteris carapetzasRotkiap, the founder of Rotkiap, a privacy-focused portfolio tracker, asked five key Proof-of-Stake validators whether they would comply with censorship requests or shut down their staking service to respond to requests. rice field.

Carapetzas Posts inspired by @TheEylonHe revealed that five validators called in by Karapetsas, which holds a total of 66% stake in the beacon chain, are likely to respond to censorship requests from authorities.

tornado cash coin center

The storm of tweets was in response to the deployment of Tornado Cash, a US Treasury licensed cryptocurrency mixer. August 8.

A Treasury Department official said the protocol has been responsible for laundering $7 billion of illegal cryptocurrency funds since 2019 and has failed to implement adequate checks and measures to combat the problem.

The company announced its closure on August 13, saying it “cannot fight the United States.” In addition, software his engineer Alexei Pertsev was arrested in Amsterdam for his involvement in the development of the Tornado cache protocol.

The event at Tornado Cash reignited the censorship debate, especially as several crypto service providers complied with sanctions orders.

USDC issuer Circle has blacklisted all Ethereum addresses owned by the mixer protocol. And a prankster sent 0.1 ETH from a blacklisted Tornado Cash address to a celebrity, resulting in Tron’s founder: Justin Sun Said Erb blocked his wallet.

non-profit organization coin center It said it was preparing a legal challenge to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on the grounds that it “exceeded its legal authority.”

“OFAC believes it has exceeded its legal authority by adding certain Tornado Cash smart contract addresses to its SDN list, and this action may violate its constitutional rights to due process and free speech. .”

Coin Center claims that Tornado Cash is autonomous code and does not meet the criteria of being a sanctioned “person”.

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