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Walmart Sellers Now Listing $6,000 Bitcoin Mining Machines

Gone are the days of waiting in a six-month queue or paying thousands of dollars to an ASIC miner. If you want an ASIC miner today, you can get it directly from Walmart ( Bitcoin magazine (opens in new tab)). Granted, they aren’t cheap by any means, but some have come down in price.

Bitcoin has been trending downward in recent months. The cryptocurrency started the year at around $47,000 in January, but dropped to around $20,000 in November. Optimistic miners continue to be keen on mining despite the falling price of Bitcoin, but these are multi-million dollar companies with tons of mining equipment. Unfortunately, given the difficulty of mining Bitcoin, it’s too late for the average Joe to jump on the mining bandwagon.

China’s ban on cryptocurrency mining has forced many sellers to take refuge in Walmart and offload ASIC miners. Walmart’s marketplace has devices from all the big names, including Bitmain, Goldshell, and Canaan. Of course, it’s not just ASIC miners. Third-party sellers also market control boards, individual he ASIC chips, cables, connectors, and other knick-knacks needed to set up a mining operation.

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Walmart’s marketplace offers ASIC miner options at various price points. Devices have climbed from $2,500 to $14,600. For example, Bitmain sells AntMiner S19J Pro on its online store for $9,984. The same AISC miner is available at Walmart. $6,000 (opens in new tab), 40% cheaper than buying from the manufacturer. The seller also listed AntMiner T19. $199 (opens in new tab)but it’s out of stock.

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