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Warzone 2 Glitch Locks Players Out, Asks Them to Buy Modern Warfare 2

Several Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players have been locked out of the game after a glitch required them to purchase Modern Warfare 2 first, even if they already owned it.

As reported by PC gamereven players who clocked hours of play time were locked out, so it seems the glitch happened when developer Infinity Ward managed a hotfix to another issue with the free-to-play game.

There is currently no known solution to this problem, and neither Infinity Ward nor publisher Activision Blizzard have acknowledged it.

Purchasing Modern Warfare 2 will also not work, as players who have owned the game since its October launch will also be locked out. Although the two games use the same launcher, Warzone 2 is a unique standalone experience and does not require any other purchases to be fully played.

“I’ve probably played about 6 Warzone 2 games without issue (the last one ended a few minutes ago)” Reddit User Unf0cused“Now when I try to play,[Battle Royale Solos]Click[モダン ウォーフェア II を購入してすべてにアクセスできます]A window will appear. ”

The user has restarted the game and computer and tried joining another game mode, but the issue persists.

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