Watch Joaquin Phoenix Make a Run for It in ‘Beau Is Afraid’

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In this early sequence of the bleak comedy “Beau Is Afraid,” the frames are packed with so many gags and references that it’s impossible to make sense of it all.

But for the film’s writer and director, Ari Aster, that’s the point.

This moment in which Bo (Joaquin Phoenix) walks and eventually runs through his neighborhood employs a technique called “chicken fat.” In an interview, Astor said he learned the term while working on the film. This includes superimposing on This includes signs, graffiti, props, etc.

The philosophy behind this technique isn’t that everything should be seen, Aster said, “so that the audience can understand all the details.” “And I think seeing the amount of work that went into building this world encourages a deeper engagement.”

The scene is also full of background players. Astor said each was “given very specific instructions and very specific actions”.

The sequence ends with Bo getting caught by a tattooed nemesis before sprinting down the street to reach the front door of a building.

Astor said Phoenix “hit his ankle pretty early on, so he could only do a few times. And by the time we finished filming, he was limping.”

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