Web3 startups raised $7.1B in funding during 2022 – Gaming accounted for 62%

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According to the Metaverse Post year-end, the Web3 space has raised $7.1 billion through 2022, with games, the metaverse and social networks being the top three investment categories. report.

The report covers gaming, metaverse, social networks, infrastructure, artificial and virtual reality (AR & VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) startups and calculates the exact amount of investment collected to be $7,169,997,888. did.

Despite the bear market, the total is $4.8 billion higher than in 2021.

Category ranking

The Games category was the top category this year, with AI coming last.


Gaming came forward as a winning category, attracting $4.49 billion, representing 62.5% of total investment in Web3.

According to the report, Epic Games will attract the most significant investment in 2022. The company raised his $2 billion in funding from Sony and his LEGO owner, KIRKBI. Epic Games ended the year with a $31.5 billion valuation for him.


Metaverse followed gaming as the second most popular category to attract investment in 2022. According to reports, the Metaverse realm has raised $1.82 billion in funding. This accounts for 25.4% of total investment.

Yuga Labs, creator of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), became the second company to raise the largest amount. In March, Yuga Labs raised his $450 million funding to launch the Otherside metaverse.

social network

Web3’s decentralized, secure, fashion-friendly social networking app startup was the third most popular category in the eyes of investors. This category will see him raise $259.1 million in 2022, making up 3.6% of his total investment in Web3.

crypto slate Exclusive content from Phaver, Aave, and Lens Protocol, as well as Lens Protocol and Polkadot’s initiatives on the subject, highlight the need for a Web3 social network protocol.

Infrastructure, AR & VR, AI

The last three categories were Infrastructure, AR&VR, and AI, with $208 million, $178.6 million, and $136.5 million, respectively.

NFT-focused Immutable, Metaverse-focused Improbable, Gaming-focused Sky Mavis, and Startup-focused AngelList were also among the most prominently funded, all falling into the infrastructure category. Ranked in the top 10 startups. Immutable raised $200 million, AngelList $100 million, Sky Mavis and Improbable each raised $150 million.

biggest spender

Four venture capital firms named the biggest spenders this year, saving over $1 billion in investment each.

Of these, Paradigm takes the #1 spot in 2022, spending $2.5 billion. The company supported 31 projects including his Uniswap, Magic Eden and Optimism.

Venture capitalists investing over $1 billion
Venture capitalists investing over $1 billion

Andreessen Horowitz was a close second to Paradigm with $2.2 billion in total investment.

The youngest venture capital firm, Hivemind, saved $1.5 billion in 2022 and took third place in the rankings, while Binance Labs invested $1 billion and came in fourth.

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