Web3’s Biggest Consumer: The Consumer

Mint Season 6, Episode 23 Recap

Season 6, episode 23 of The Mint Podcast by Adam Levy features Gaby Goldberg. She is an investor in TCG Crypto, an early stage consumer crypto fund focused on web3 scaling, and invests in Passion her economy. These investments include RabbitHole, Archive and The Hume Collective. She’s also a self-proclaimed fucking poster.

An interesting area of ​​cryptocurrency is figuring out what identity and reputation look like online, whether web2 or web3. Tied to it is an interface for consumer experience. Specifically for web3:

“A wallet is an interface for interacting with web3.”

One of the biggest differences between web2 and web3 is getting people to try web3 products. This usually comes from financial incentives to do so (i.e. expect airdrops, token incentives, etc.). A Web3 “consumer” can be thought of as part of the infrastructure through its behavior. For example, on-chain detectives (detectives) create market opportunities for excellent block explorers. Ultimately, for Gaby, it mostly boils down to:

“[What] What products help us better share and understand what our digital experiences look like?”

For Gaby, within five years wallets will be one of the most important consumer data for individuals and businesses. For businesses, it is now possible. Through the crypto wallet, you can learn about your customers’ spending habits, which other communities and brands they work with, and more.

“It allows people to become ‘collectors’ and create a kind of winning game for businesses, creators and individuals. ”

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