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What Are You Hoping to See in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2?

The Legend of Zelda series recently celebrated its 35th anniversary, and hopes are high for a sequel to Breath of the Wild. So far, we’ve only had a brief look at what you can expect when it releases next spring.

Breath of the Wild tops the list of the top 100 video games of all time for a reason. It offers us a vast open world full of shrines and secrets, uses incredibly new tools like the Sheikah Slate, and allows creative solutions to many of the in-game puzzles. Did. However, I wasn’t a fan of the lack of traditional dungeons, the weapon durability system, and the combination of music and gameplay that was a distinguishing feature of previous entries in the series.

The Legend of Zelda 10 Best Games

With that in mind, today’s topic is what we hope will be included in the Breath of the Wild sequel. Will the durability system be redeemed in an update? Should the shrine idea be doubled down, or should it go back to the traditional dungeon format? What is the most important element for you in a Zelda game? Let us know in the comments.

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