Why you should keep an eye on Asian markets for web3 scaling & adoption w/Sora Ventures – SlateCast #36

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In the latest episode of crypto slate At SlateCast, we caught up with Jason Fang of Sora Ventures to gain insight into the Asian crypto market and learn why he decided to invest. crypto slateand his overall view on the future of the blockchain industry.

Sora Ventures is an Asia-based venture capital fund founded in early 2018. Its portfolio includes Immutable, Forkast News, CasperLabs, Guild of Guardians and CitaDao. CryptoSlate also joined his Sora Ventures family at the time of the deal signed earlier this year.

Jason Fang, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Sora Ventures, spoke with CryptoSlate’s Akiba on SlateCast about the future of crypto, the differences between web2 and web3 investments, and recent investments. crypto slate, We also discuss how Sora Ventures adds value to each part of its portfolio.

Fang said that while web2’s investment is equity-based and focuses on where LPs can add value, things are a little different with web3.

“The investment cycle is shorter … far fewer rounds compared to equity … fewer rounds compared to equity and the typical duration of funding is much shorter.”

Sora Venture’s approach is to focus on “community development and marketing” and “add tangible and immediate value within weeks, if not days.”

Subsequently, Fang also shared his views on the currently closed Chinese cryptocurrency market. He believes it will “eventually open up … when that happens, we want to be prepared for it.” Fang believes that the growth of the currency industry “has an opportunity in the future.”

“Many US companies will focus on innovation and something fairly new,” Fang said of the differences between Western and Asian investments in web2 companies. However, the Chinese market is more “horizontal” where we see more scaling for these products than for brand new technologies.

Fang commented that China has the equivalent of major U.S. companies such as Amazon and Netflix, and that “for some reason, they tend to expand much faster than the U.S. companies.” Fang believes Chinese companies are able to scale in part because of more potential customers, lower labor costs, and lower sales.

As a result, Sora Ventures is looking to focus on crypto investments that can be used as a “future strategy” for investing in Asia.

If you’d like to learn more about Jason’s take on the crypto market, what he’s keeping an eye on during the bear market, and post-merger prospects for Ethereum, check out the full podcast linked above.

Disclaimer: This interview was filmed before the FTX collapse when Bitcoin was trading around $20,000.

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