Winamp desktop player to support NFT audios

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The latest desktop version of the Windows media player Winamp is To give permission Non-fungible token support allows users to play audio files with NFTs.

The new version will allow users to link their Metamask wallet to Winamp using Chrome, Firefox, or Brave browsers. This app supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 audio and video files.

Talking about the development, Winamp CEO Alexandre Saboundjian said it is consistent with the company’s focus on accessibility and innovation. Sabaungian says:

“Winamp’s origins have always been about accessibility and innovation. Today we are proud to launch the first standalone player that reads audio NFTs and other existing formats. This new version of Winamp allows people to use the player they love. You can use it to listen to any file you like.”

Winamp added that further updates will turn the music player into an advanced listening platform. This includes the introduction of cross-platform creator services by early 2023.

Polygon, Music Partner of LGND Music NFT

Meanwhile, Winamp isn’t the only music-focused company bullish on cryptocurrencies. Today, Warner Music, LGND Music, Polygon (MATIC) announced This partnership will bring music NFTs to market.

This collaboration will lead to the establishment of a digital collection platform for music LGND Music. Built on Polygon, the platform allows users to play their collection of music on the go. Some Warner Music artists also release music NFTs on the platform.

“Web3 has the power to transform the music industry for both artists and fans,” said Polygon, noting that the platform will be available in January 2023.

This is another move by the Layer 2 network, which has already partnered with several media houses and joined Disney’s accelerator program earlier this year.

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