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Windows 11 Users Complain of Nvidia GeForce Issues After 22H2 Feature Update

The big Windows 11 22H2 update was released to mass consumption earlier in the week, bringing new Start Menu and Explorer features, as well as various other improvements. However, it wouldn’t be Windows without highly-announced updates that cause annoying problems for a good chunk of its users. This time the friendly fire line included users of Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. Issues reported via numerous forums and social media platforms included irritating “stuttering and significant lag while playing the game.” report Computer beeping.

The source collected several quotes from Reddit users who vented their anguish on the news and discussion-centric social media site. One user complained that his CPU was not being used in games after a Windows update. Another groaned about extremely erratic framerates while gaming, another complained about stuttering in the game, and what all these users had in common was the Nvidia GeForce graphics It was his latest PC build that was powerful with a . Another consistent clue to his underlying problem was that many reports mentioned low CPU usage in games. During a gaming session he sees CPU usage as low as 5% which seems like a recipe for disaster.

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