Winning lottery 9x in a row easier than breaching Bitcoin’s security

Investing in Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, can offer greater security than your odds of winning a lottery Powerball.

Reportedly, you need to win nine consecutive Powerball lotteries to match the odds. Therefore, by investing in BTC, investors are more likely to secure their funds and gain more wealth.

Studies show that typically no more than two people a week win huge weekly prizes through these government-approved legal gambling systems.

The US Powerball jackpot includes winner Over the past three months, the prize pool has now reached a gambling world record of $1.9 billion. And the best lottery games haven’t had a winner in over three months.

Investing in Bitcoin may be a better option in this market

purchase Bitcoin It seems like the preferred option in the current market conditions. A common index would put Bitcoin in a better position to value in less than a year than to win the lottery in such a time. This is because cryptocurrencies enjoy a limited supply and sustained slash rates that affect their value over time.

However, given that this is considered an investment, consumers will be poised to raise the price of Bitcoin. report When other “safer” assets such as gold and the Nasdaq plummeted, Bitcoin did well even after the Fed hiked rates.

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