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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Check Out 7 Brutal New Weapons – IGN First

If you’ve played the demo, you already know this, but Team Ninja’s next game, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, is, well, difficult! Wielding a weapon might make you feel like the bad guy, but the enemy will quickly bring you back to reality. , and learned about the pros and cons of several weapon types in the game.Wo Long’s release is still two months away (it comes out on March 3rd, including on Xbox Game Pass), but it’s time to start preparing. It’s never too early.

Wo Long has a total of 13 melee weapons and 3 long range weapons. In the gallery below, director Masakazu Hirayama explains these seven traits of his, including the crew first revealed in his IGN First gameplay video.

“We chose weapons that best match Chinese martial arts,” Hirayama said of the team’s general approach to weapon selection for Wo Long. “The motions for each weapon type are based on his captured form motions by an actual martial artist who specializes in these weapons. We then tweaked things here and there to make it feel better as an action game.” did.”

Stay tuned throughout January for more exclusive IGN First coverage of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Esra Crabbe Editor of IGN Japan. I want to master the staff of the Garyu.

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