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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Gets a March Release Date

Team Ninja has announced that the upcoming Soulslike, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, will be released on March 3, 2023.

The developer has also revealed that it will receive three DLC packs that will add new demons, scenarios, stages, weapon time and more to the action game set in a darker version of China’s Three Kingdoms era. , available in the season pass that accompanies the digital deluxe version of Wo Long, which includes a digital artbook and a digital mini soundtrack.

and a limited-edition physical edition, including a steelbook cover, will also be available at launch, but there will be no season pass.

Many smaller DLC packs are also available to pre-order or purchase the game in various ways. Buy any version before March 16th to get the Byakko Armor, Season Pass to get the Seiryu Armor, digital pre-order to get the Suzaku Armor, and steelbook version to get the Crown of Shoei and Gong. A crown of merit will be given. It is unknown if these items are available through other means.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty promises to be as challenging as any other Souls game, especially Team Ninja’s two Nioh games. Producer Fumihiko Yasuda previously told IGN, “Wo Long has a larger scale than previous games set in Japan, and we were able to show a harsher and darker world.

“The same goes for difficulty. I have no doubt that this is going to be a very challenging and demanding game, but we’ve come up with a new way to approach that difficulty.”

In previewing the game, IGN said:

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