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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Watch the Opening Cutscene Now – IGN First

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s January IGN First coverage wraps up right at the beginning. Let’s take a look at the game’s opening cutscene. Look above.

In the clip, a man’s voice is heard talking about the elixir sought by the sovereigns of ancient China. Although this elixir could grant immortality, his power was overwhelmingly dangerous, and the elixir was a source of conflict and political intrigue over the years.

It is known that the ancient leaders of China actually sought such an elixir of life, and in Team Ninja’s latest action game the elixir appears to be real.

After the first phase of his fight with Zhang Liang (the boss of last year’s Wo Long demo), he swallows the elixir and becomes a demon. Team Ninja’s fictitious Chinese land-cursing demon may have been brought to life by the Elixir. Full game set to release on March 3rd, plus Day 1 of Xbox Game sure to check final preview, Play video of the Mt. Tenzhu area, High level super play by developersour Aoba boss battle video, In-depth article about weapons in the game When Interview with a developer on the design of the game’s boss.

Esra Krabbe is the editor of IGN Japan.

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