Would You Wear Apple’s New Vision Pro Headset?

Of course, there was also a photo of goggles looking very stylish against a black background. There were neat videos of various happy people using the products in the comfort of their rosy clean homes and anonymous hotel rooms.

However, it was a notable omission that there was no actual person striding onto the stage in Cupertino, Calif. wearing the product. The fact that no one has talked about the design except in terms of functionality, and the fact that the device allows the wearer’s eyes to be seen by others, is a true step forward in the world of headset style. (Also, they didn’t utter the word “wearable.”)

But if any company knows how important beauty is in turning technology into a lifetime accessory, it’s Apple. It’s always been a part of its signature, starting with the richly colored iMac. In this way, the iPod and iPhone made the leap from consumer goods to indicators of taste and identity. It looked great with rounded corners and slim lines. Very sophisticated and cool. Like a good handbag, it inspires desire before considering practicality.

And perhaps no other device made by Apple is more aesthetically pleasing.

you can’t hide it. This may be why tech companies are struggling with eyeglass accessories. They seem convinced that the eyeglass accessory is some kind of next frontier in personal technology, but no one has fully deciphered this.Google with glasses and Meta in collaboration with Ray-Banspeech or the Balmain x Oculus. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then what you put around them is in some ways very important.

By making the Vision Pro look like goggles, Apple is tapping into existing stereotypes, personality cliches, and historical swamps. We choose glasses for many reasons such as to look smart, to look cool, to look attractive. To look like Gloria Steinem, Jack Nicholson, John Lennon. More than anything else, look individual. And walking around with half your face covered in glass, no matter how swirling the screen is, is a signifier for the pods. (On the other hand, if you secretly fantasize about looking like Irene Goo, this might be for you.)

To be fair, maybe that could change. Presumably by the time this headset hits stores next year, it’ll cost around $3,500, the head strap will be available in a variety of colors and materials, and the device itself will come in a non-putty shade to somehow express itself. will be possible. . Perhaps it will be possible to make the goggles dazzle (which would be fun), add stickers, decorate the cords, etc. It’s clear that Apple is pretty diligent about fit, with all sorts of adjustable components, which is great. And it weighs only about 1 pound.

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