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Xbox: Accessibility Is the Future of Gaming

Xbox boss Phil Spencer and corporate vice president Sarah Bond say the future of gaming lies in breaking barriers of accessibility and restriction.

Bond and Spencer spoke to IGN Japan at the Tokyo Game Show to answer fan questions about Xbox’s expectations and hopes for the future of video games.

“We know 3 billion people are playing games, but not everyone can play together today, right?” said Bond. “There are all these barriers between platforms for various reasons, and a lot of what we’re doing at Xbox is wanting to remove them.

“To allow everyone to play together in the world regardless of hardware type, remove all these barriers regardless of ability, communicate with instant translation and do those things together. I would like to be able to

This is evidenced by Xbox’s investment in adaptive controllers, Bond said. We think this will inspire a lot of positivity in the game. “It’s not just for some specific group somewhere,” she said.

“Your best friend can live on the other side of the world. I don’t know what they look like or what language they speak.

This is something Spencer also proves, commenting alongside Bond that the possibility of removing these barriers may even be beyond the game.

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