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Xbox Series X/S Are Getting a Noise Suppression Feature

Gone are the days of having to tolerate your friend’s loud, obnoxious breathing sounds in your Xbox party voice chat now that Xbox has released the new Xbox Series X/S Noise Suppression is available immediately Download the latest Xbox system update.

“We’ve added Noise Suppression to Party on Xbox Series X|S consoles to help remove unwanted noise such as gamepad clicks, breathing, and background noise from parties,” the release notes state. .

This feature can be turned on or off at any time by opening the guide and accessing the “Options” section of the “Parties and Chats” feature. From there you can enable or disable noise suppression.

Xbox is Zoom, Discord, and Nvidia has started rolling out noise filtering features.can completely remove the background noise.

This update added more features. For example, you can now jump into your game from a friend’s shared capture. This means you can now watch the highlights of your friends’ matches and instantly play the game yourself.

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