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Xbox Version of Redfall Capped at 30 FPS at Launch, 60 FPS Coming Later

Bethesda has revealed that Redfall will launch on Xbox consoles limited to a 30 FPS quality mode, with a 60 FPS performance mode coming to the game at a later date.

The game will run at 30 FPS at 4K on Xbox Series X and 30 FPS at 1440p on Xbox Series S, as revealed by Redfall’s Twitter account (below).

Bethesda has not specified when they will add a 60 FPS performance mode, but it will certainly be added after launch. It’s also unclear why performance mode isn’t available out of the box.

Redfall recently received backlash from fans after Bethesda also revealed it would launch with an always-online requirement. However, Arkane said it was working on a solution to overturn the decision.

Director Harvey Smith also said that a PS5 version of Redfall was in development before Microsoft merged with Bethesda, and he hoped the former would come in and the team would prioritize the Xbox and PC platforms.

Redfall is set to launch on May 2, 2023 for Xbox Series X|S and PC. IGN’s Redfall preview states: [Far Cry 2 and STALKER] Back in the late 2000s, Redfall managed to inject some long-needed excitement into the static genre. “

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