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Yakuza Will Use Whatever System Serves Its Story Even if It Means ‘Making a Party Game’

What’s next for Dragon 8 to become a turn-based RPG? In new roundtable involving IGN, Yakuza Studios [RGG Studio] Series executive producer Masayoshi Yokoyama seemed to be leaving the door open for a return to the franchise’s action-based roots….if it fits the story.

Ahead of the official announcement of Like a Dragon 8, Yokoyama noted that series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi and producer Kazuki Hosokawa had previously said that Like a Dragon would remain a turn-based RPG going forward. Regardless, it was cautious about its status. It was later confirmed that Like a Dragon would actually be an RPG.

Regarding the series as a whole, Yokoyama says Like a Dragon will utilize gameplay mechanics that enhance the story, even if that means turning the series into a “party game.”

“For us, when we make a game, we don’t feel limited by such a system itself. We basically design the game and use the system that best emphasizes the story we want to tell,” says Yokoyama. explains. “The goal of Yakuza Studio is to make a game with an interesting story. A party game if you think it will be the best.And one of the really fun parts of making games in itself is that there are no rules.When you make a game, you make the rules.In that case, we wants to remain flexible.”

Released in 2020, Yakuza: Like a Dragon was the first game in the series to feature turn-based RPG mechanics. Yokoyama denied long-standing rumors that the system was born out of an April Fool’s joke, saying the studio had already decided to try turn-based combat long before that. A review at the timewe wrote that the system “succeeds in introducing a more tactical form of team-based street fighting without sacrificing the series’ signature flair and quirky humor.”

However, some criticized it for its lengthy combat and occasionally unbalanced mechanics.

“[W]We were fully aware of the feedback, both good and bad, and we knew there were many areas where we could improve, both technically and in the feel of the game. So this is a big thing, but if you’re actually making another turn-based series you can definitely find something that could be improved. said Yokoyama.

Yokoyama and RGG Studio have made several major announcements, including the official announcement of Like a Dragon 8 and a new side story featuring Kazuma Kiryu. RGG Studio recently unveiled a new action-based samurai game for PlayStation 5, Like a Dragon: Ishin, at Sony State of Play this week. You can find everything announced here.

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