‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: Destructive Secrets

Seeing a dejected Natalie, Lottie turns the tables, prompting him to reveal what Natalie was hiding, especially what she told Travis that led to his death. Using her “Time Away” (a euphemistic term for when she was institutionalized) technique, Lottie shines a light on Natalie’s eyes and tells her the story of the last time she saw Travis. pull out from

It’s a shady story of Natalie and Travis going to a bender and Natalie overdosing. A mysterious figure known as the “Queen of the Dead” travels in the ship among the corpses. When Natalie was resurrected, she said to Travis, i felt it. I took it home. Trav, we took it home.

As she shares this, a frightened Lottie looks over her shoulder and sees the shadow of the same person or creature. It was theorized that she was the “Queen of Antlers” because she wore a But now it’s Lottie who’s haunted by that image. Is it her own shadow self that scares her? Or is the “Queen of Horns” one? Is it instead a manifestation of the “darkness” that all Yellowjacket possess?

The darkness came to Adult Ban’s mansion slash video store in the form of Tycer. Tai realizes that by asking Van for help, he is taking a heavy toll on Van. Van, on the other hand, has some hidden habits of her own that ward off oxycodone when she thinks Ty is sleeping.and Thailand teeth When Van takes his medicine, he sleeps. Appearing in the dark and kissing Van is Ty’s alter ego, the “other one”. “This is not where we should be,” she says.

It’s easy to think of the spirits that torment these women and girls as evil, but in the final moments of time we are given an example of wilderness mysticism as a force for good. However, when Shauna and Tai are stuck in a heavy snowfall, they are led to Lottie’s mantra about hearing the wind and the sound of trees. They are able to grow back when Shauna gives birth, and her first cry of pain ends the episode.

In an earlier scene, Lottie had said to the unborn child, “You are going to change everything.” The child is here now. A new life enters the world to replace the crystal that has left this world. Goodbye, my best friend. Hello baby.

  • Adult Shauna’s Built to Spill T-Shirt is a great outfit choice.

  • Interesting fact for those keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts after their rescue: Ty and Van were still together when Shawna got married. They replaced the guestbook pen with a dirty novelty pen.

  • The creepiest character on the show might be Matt Sarracusa, an adult detective who pretends to date teenagers to solve cases. Adding to that general discomfort, I was disgusted by the plotline of this entire episode, including Shawna’s fake tryst with Randy, the most unhelpful character on the show.

  • The videotape static motif has been in the show since the beginning thanks to the opening credits, but it’s being played out more and more throughout the story. what do you mean?

  • Is Misty really a killer? Technically she’s not as far as we know and maybe that’s why she’s mad at Walter’s assumption she’s definitely an accessory to her and could be charged with manslaughter there is. But straight up murder? not yet.

  • Will Krystal be your next meal?

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