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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Fans Are Sharing Their Dream Fused Weapons

Nintendo fans looking forward to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom already have plenty of wild and wacky weapons in mind for the Breath of the Wild sequel.

Following yesterday’s gameplay presentation where Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma introduced Link’s new fusion ability, he can take almost any two objects and combine them to create a new one. Fans take to his social media to share their dream pairings.

Some of the suggestions seem a bit off, but some of the examples shown in the gameplay presentation are somewhat wild in their own right, such as combining monster eyeballs and arrows to create a homing device. is.

Image credit: SlayAndDecay on Reddit (link below)

Reddit user Capable_Afternoon687 Proposes a “Spinning Death Beyblade” created by fusing four fans and four logs, attaches food to arrows to fire enemies and distract them, and creates a Puff Shroom to create a “Flying Smoke Bomb” created.

slay and decay We want to give the sword a bit more bite by literally putting a cursed Bokoblin head on the tip of the sword. Texelation I want to create a mace by combining a stick with one of the giant spiked balls.

Some fans are getting creative with the shield, so it’s perfectly fine for combat as well as attacking. Using them in battle is an afterthought, Spirit Willingness 8 I hope to fuse the shield with butter to improve my surfing abilities.

Image credit: Successful _Slippy on Reddit (link below)

Image credit: Successful _Slippy on Reddit (link below)

creativity award probably successful_slippery But for those who want to take shield surfing to a new level. Taking inspiration from the 1989 Zelda anime series, they fuse a bomb barrel into a shield and then use Shield Surf to navigate the map.

expand the possibilities

Breath of the Wild already had a lot of room for creativity, but Tears of the Kingdom seems to push the boundaries even further. Hughes is just one of several new abilities alongside Recall, Ultra Hand, and Ascend.

Tears of the Kingdom will also have the largest file size of any first-party game on the Nintendo Switch, include classic enemies from Ocarina of Time, and cost more than the usual $70 to match its scope. We know too, but the main reasons fans are excited are: Because Breath of the Wild is considered one of his greatest games of all time.

Fans can also enjoy the limited edition Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo Switch, which was announced alongside the gameplay presentation.

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