Zilliqa launches web3 gaming console with in-built miner and crypto wallet


Zilliqa, a gaming-focused blockchain, has announced the launch of a prototype web3 game console with a built-in cryptominer and web3 wallet. Layer 1 Network said the move is designed to “join millions of non-crypto natives into the blockchain gaming ecosystem.”

web3 game console
Source: Zilliqa

Following our recent partnership announcement with Zilliqa, Exvorg Founder, Louis Regis said EXCLUSIVELY crypto slate,

“Playing web3 games should be no different than playing Web2 games. A Web3 native game console with a native wallet is a big step towards the adoption of Web3 games.”

“Getting gamers into blockchain gaming has been problematic due to the challenges of setting up Web3 wallets as non-crypto native,” explained Zilliqa. The team believes this issue has caused a “schism” within the gaming community.

The goal of the prototype hardware is to reduce friction during the onboarding process for gamers new to web3. The device includes exclusive access to Zilliqa games, the ability to mine Z|L tokens through gameplay, a game hub, and a web3 wallet built into the console.

Valentin Cobelea, Head of Gaming Technology at Zilliqa, said:

“When we announced our first game at Gamescom, we had a huge response from the gaming community. This was just the beginning.”

The console is set to release in early 2023 alongside two Zilliqa launch titles. Images of the prototype show both HDMI and Display Port, along with 4 x USB3 ports, 2 x USB2 ports, Ethernet connectivity, 1 x 3.5mm headphone port, and 1 x USB-C port.

Consumers will be able to pre-order the console in Q1 2023, and beta testing will begin in October 2022.

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