Zilliqa’s vision for Web3 gaming prioritizes gameplay – deep dive into roadmap – SlateCast #26

The Zilliqa (ZIL) platform is known for its scalability solution called sharding. Sharding is dividing a network into several smaller component networks called shards. This allows the platform to process transactions in parallel, increasing the number of transactions that can be processed.

Valentin Cabela, Head of Games and Technology at Zilliqa, spoke to CryptoSlate about separating gaming functionality from the Zilliqa ecosystem into an independent company.

Zilliqa announced its next console on September 22nd. A beta version will be released at the end of the year. The console will be available for pre-order in Q2 2023.

games on blockchain

When describing Zilliqa Gaming’s vision, Cabela said he doesn’t like to use the term “Web3 Gaming.”

He explained that Web3 games have an undertone of storytelling. Instead, Web3 games focus on a “click to earn” format and target cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are gaming just to earn free tokens.

Instead, Zilliqa has adopted the term “gaming on the blockchain” and focuses on the gameplay experience. Cabela said Zilliqa is focused on gamers rather than crypto enthusiasts. The company wants to make sure that gameplay is fun and that gamers get a profit in return for their talent and time invested.

The problem Zilliqa tries to solve

In addition to Web3 games failing to deliver a real gaming experience, Cabela identified other problems facing the current gaming industry. It revolves around money.

Cabela said he’s been a gamer for many years and remembers games from the 90’s. Users could buy him one payment and enjoy hours of fun until the end.

Today, Cabella says, “We live in the Dark Ages.” With the current settings, games are downloaded for a fee or for free. Regardless of how you get them, most people will ask for additional payments as you progress through the game to update characters, unlock features, or purchase skins. , all these purchases are required if the user wants to access the actual content or interact with other game players.

Zilliqa represents the idea of ​​playing to raise money rather than paying real money to access entertainment. cabera says:

“If you’re a serious gamer, great. You’re making money, so you’re motivated to play. Yes, you don’t have to earn that much.”

Zilliqa is currently developing Web3 war and survival games. Short demo videos of these games can be accessed via Zilliqa’s YouTube account.

Cabela also said he and his team are working on eight games, including racing, arena and mobile games. “Anything you ask for,” Cabella said. “Except for sports games.” He simply stated that the company has no intention of investing in sports games for several years.

have everything

Zilliqa’s games branch does more than just create games. The company aims to grow its gamer community he hub where users can connect, trade and socialize with each other. Cabela said:

“I think the web3 community of games should have everything in one place.”

That’s exactly what the company is aiming for. Cabela says he aims to have everything: tools to build games, games to play, hubs, platforms, consoles, and more.

“Like Valve, which released some of the most popular games such as Dota 2 and Counter Strike and then became a game publisher,” says Cabela. He helps with tokenomics, technology and game development.


In terms of consoles, Cabela said Zilliqa is competing with the likes of PlayStation and Xbox simply because Zilliqa’s gaming consoles offer a built-in wallet tied to the hardware and enhanced mining capabilities. It reminds me that there is no

Built-in cold wallet

The console provides a built-in wallet for all players in a seamless and frictionless manner. As Cabera explains, the term blockchain only appears in the first step. The user registers an email and password to be notified that the wallet created will be associated with her email account and warned about remembering the login information.

To support players unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, the console will include short videos explaining how to earn tokens, what wallets are, and what users can do with tokens. The blockchain then runs in the background without further complications for players.

Cabela describes the system as follows:

“Each account has one wallet. They are strictly linked to the hardware you play on, whether console or computer.”

He continues:

” We do not have your private key. I have the hash number generated by the private key, but not the key itself. ”

In other words, the built-in wallet essentially acts like cold storage, isolating assets not actively used from the internet.

Cabela said the feature is intended not only to provide a layer of security, but also to discourage users from changing their accounts. User may log out of their account and log into another account using the same hardware as long as they pay a certain fee.

cabera says:

“It’s the same as PS2 and Xbox. There is one account and one wallet. In the future, one user account may have multiple wallets, but we are investigating that.”

These fees had to be implemented because the act of modifying accounts conflicts with several layers of security Zilliqa has implemented and is costly to the company, Cabella said.


Zilliqa’s mining process is already active. Currently, only users with Windows and Linux hardware can mine.

However, the console is designed to act as a “mining service provider”. Users don’t need to know anything about how mining works, wallet types, or blockchains. cabera says:

“Just have your console ready, open an account, and select the auto-mining option when you’re not playing.”

Doing this tells the console to mine ZIL tokens when the user is not playing the game. You can use it to buy more games, skins, weapons, or convert to other currencies.

The console’s hardware includes an Nvidia GTX 1650 and a Core i9 CPU. It also doesn’t come with a native controller. Players can play games on Zilliqa’s consoles using PlayStation, Xbox, or other console controllers.

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