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6 Best Models for Testing Your 3D Printer

If you just received your 3D printer, or are looking forward to 3D printing an intricate design, it’s important to start with a test print. That way, you’ll be able to see what your printer is and if it’s the next printer. best 3d printer You can avoid wasting time and materials on projects that don’t work, whether they work or not.

A test print allows you to analyze how your printer handles overhangs, holes and supports, and learn what settings such as temperature, speed, layer height and shrinkage work best for your 3D printer and filament. You can also use a test print to check the speed of fast printers. Any model can be used to test a printer, but there are some models specifically designed for that purpose. Below, we have selected six test models that are ideal for 3D printing.

1. 3D bench

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The 3D Benchy is one of the most popular benchmark designs you can use to test the capabilities of your 3D printer. Originally created by Creative Tools, available at: 3D Benchy official websiteVarious STL file sharing websites are listed here, such as Thingiverse, Printables, Cults3D, etc. Clicking on any of these websites will take you to that website.

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